What to do when a smartphone gets wet

Ever dropped the smartphone in a pool of water, sink, got rained on, or even forgot it in the pocket and ran through the washing machine? It is a very bad feeling. But, the most paramount thing is to understand what to do next. Though the wetness can damage the smartphone, well, it might not be damaged yet. In this post, we take a comprehensive look at what you should do to save your wet phone. Get the phone from water immediately! Because water is a good conductor, it can cause damage when charges move from one terminal of the […]

Smartwatch: Do you REALLY need that?

The big names waging the battle for your wrist from Apple, Samsung to Fossil have opened a new way to look at smart gadgets. Though most Smartwatches work together with your smartphone, others are completely independent. Because smartwatches perform the same tasks to the smartphone, the question of whether you really need one has become highly contested. While it is true that reading a long text on a one square inch screen is difficult and many things will still require drawing the smartphone from the pocket, the smartwatch is still invaluable. Here are the key reasons why you really need […]

Should you trust online reviews?

Yes, you should trust them. However, do it with caution. A close look at comments and views from authors indicate that reviews are loved and hated in equal measures. Why the situation? Many scammers have realized that reviews present the best chance to appeal to their clients and as such have gone ahead to spin fake reviews. Therefore, you should not stop trusting online reviews; rather, the focus should be noting fake reviews, leaving them out and only enjoying top notch reviews. In this post, we explore the key reasons as to why you should trust reviews and further outline […]

How technology has changed education

Granted, technology has become part and parcel of the 21st century so much so that it is virtually impossible to think of how life would be without it. Every aspect of our lives from shopping to personal lifestyle has been permeated immensely and education is no different. The Internet has entirely revolutionized how information is accessed and disseminated to make learning easier, faster, and fun. From laptops to high tech apps and online courses, here is a closer look at how technology has changed education. Technology has increased access to education Learning is no longer simply about travelling to a […]

How smartphone gloves work

We are in the era of smartphones, and no one wants to be left behind. However, it becomes very embarrassing when you wear winter smitten or fashion gloves, and you have to keep removing them in order to operate a smartphone. Fortunately, you no longer have to worry about the problem because there are smartphone gloves designed to operate the smartphone without having to remove them. To understand the best gloves to buy, this post demystifies how they work. A closer look at the smartphone screens and why normal gloves won’t work The smartphones’ screens are designed from two types […]

Google Nest Thermostat: Review

Nest thermostat is a product designed by Nest, the company recently acquired by Google early in 2016. The Google Nest Thermostat is part of protect smoke smart alarm systems that have brought revolution in home security. In this review, we explore the product’s design, features, performance, pros, and major cons. The Nest thermostat design and operational features When designing this thermostat, Tony Fadell, who is known as the father of iPod for designing it when working at Apple did not leave anything to chance. The thermostat has become the most effective in the market because of its premium sense of […]