How smartphone gloves work

smartphone gloves

We are in the era of smartphones, and no one wants to be left behind. However, it becomes very embarrassing when you wear winter smitten or fashion gloves, and you have to keep removing them in order to operate a smartphone. Fortunately, you no longer have to worry about the problem because there are smartphone gloves designed to operate the smartphone without having to remove them. To understand the best gloves to buy, this post demystifies how they work.

A closer look at the smartphone screens and why normal gloves won’t work

The smartphones’ screens are designed from two types of technologies; restrictive and capacitive. Most of the older smartphones were restrictive (sensed the force of touch) and, therefore, did not have the problem of using the ordinary smitten. However, most of the new and recent models are capacitive (they sense electrical fields of the finger) in order to work, and cannot, therefore, use common gloves. When the finger touches the screen, its electrical field is sensed when to command an action either through a tap or swipe. Because capacitive screens are more advanced, tech gloves were discovered to increase the convenience of using smartphones outdoors especially in winter.

How smartphone gloves work

Smartphone gloves work in three ways that also form the basis for their classification.

  • The fingertip tech conductive design

This is the commonest type of smartphone glove that is designed with common material and a conductive material added at the end of the fingers. The conductive material relays electrical fields of the finger to the screen so that you can use the screen normally without removing it from the hand. In some cases, these gloves may have the conductive material only on one finger so that typing can only be done with the covered finger. Because the gloves are mainly made of the common material and only a small amount of conductive material, they are relatively cheap in the market. However, they are only ideal when using smaller screen smartphones or for those people who do not do a lot of texting. For example, if you have a tablet and want to type using several fingers, this glove will be less suitable.

  • Full touchscreen gloves

Unlike the fingertip tech conductive gloves, the full touch type is made with a mesh network designed with copper or silver. In some cases, the threats may be designed of other materials blended with copper to raise sensitivity and keep cost low. Because the body conductive fields are not just limited to the fingers, it is possible to use any section of the hand including the knuckle back to operate the smartphone. Besides, the electrical charges are spread all over so that you can type with more fingers and even both hands on the tablet of smartphone.

  • The leather smartphone gloves

The last design of smartphone gloves is the leather touchscreen sensitive design. These gloves are designed by treating the leather with a conductive material to make them conductive.  With the leather treated model, you can use all the fingers to work on the tablet or smartphone. Notably, the leather designs are more expensive because they are considered stylish in the market, extra durable, and highly effective in all environments.


With the discovery of smartphone gloves, it has now become possible to operate work on the phone or tablet more conveniently. The gloves operate by relaying the hands’ electrical charges to the edge of the gloves to carry or execute an order. Remember that you need to get a perfectly fitting smitten especially if you have bought the finger conductive design because they only sense several fingers.


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