How does internet of things work?

In the last few years, our technology became better and better. I was sitting this morning and thinking about how amazing it is. I started thinking about that while I was watching some broadcasting show in some far away country from my home. How did I do that? I used a VPN connection! I was relaxed, I knew that I am protected by a Virtual Private Network, and besides that, I knew how my personal data is secured. Here, I will talk about something little bit different.

How many times have you heard of the Internet of things? What do you think it is? Many people around the globe are not sure how it works, and most of the times they get confused because they didn’t hear what is it actually. In this article, we will make it all clear to you.

The Internet of things is actually a concept. The best would be to understand it as such a concept which is connecting different sorts of devices to the Internet. Besides that, it connects it to the other devices too. Okay, so that is one giant network, right?


How does it work? All those devices and different objects have built-in sensors. Those sensors are connected to the Internet of Things platform. What that platform does is that it integrates data from countless different devices and later applies analytics with a purpose to share the information. What kind of information are we talking about? About that sort of information which is always valuable for many different apps that are built to address and its specific needs.

So, the Internet of Things somehow knows which information should be kept and which are valuable, and it easily ignores all those that don’t contain anything interesting.

For what is that information used then? It is used for different useful purposes like detecting some new patterns, detecting some problems before they may occur, or even for making some new recommendations. As you can see, the information is used with a purpose to make all things better and to improve them.

Let’s say that you own some business company and that you need to buy the best tablets for your employees. How will you know which are the best ones? Should you read reviews or what?

The Internet of things has an answer. It can help you to know which are the best tablets by using sensors that will show you those products that the customers are actually the most satisfied with. It will also show you which of them are being sold the fastest. It is all about the statistics and analytics!

Where else can the Internet of things show its power? It can show it at your beloved home. All of us have some daily routines and those help us to stay on the track. What if something goes wrong and ruins your day completely? What can that be? Let’s say that your train is late and now you need to find another way to get to some meeting. The Internet of things is able to help you in such a situation. It is be able to recognize if your train might be canceled or if it would be late before you realize that. It is able to calculate all those measures which are needed to realize if something will happen or not. Sounds amazing, right?