Smartwatch: Do you REALLY need that?


The big names waging the battle for your wrist from Apple, Samsung to Fossil have opened a new way to look at smart gadgets. Though most Smartwatches work together with your smartphone, others are completely independent. Because smartwatches perform the same tasks to the smartphone, the question of whether you really need one has become highly contested. While it is true that reading a long text on a one square inch screen is difficult and many things will still require drawing the smartphone from the pocket, the smartwatch is still invaluable.

Here are the key reasons why you really need to have a smartwatch.

They present a unique way of getting notifications

The Main reason for going for a smartwatch is unique notifications. A good smartwatch will take up notifications from the smartphone so that you can peep without getting the phone from the pocket. The smartwatch can also be integrated to give notifications from social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Though some watches will only send real-time notifications, others even allow you to swipe them and follow up on those that are important. The notifications are very crucial when you cannot pick the smartphone from the pocket. For example, if you are making a presentation, driving, or doing important research, the smartwatch allows you to know everything happening on the smartphone without drawing it out.

Smartwatches present a smarter way to stay healthier

While other gadgets that help you with your fitness activities such as Fitbit are easily forgotten, a smartwatch is easy and connects to other gadgets. The smartwatches are customizable with most new apps such as Strava and Endomondo so that you can use them for any fitness activity. These apps hook users with a whole new array of features to raise their functionalities. At a time when people’s lifestyles have changed so much, a smartwatch is what you need to always know the heart rate and have an update of the state of your health with just a tap.

The ideal gadget for social etiquette and style

The sense of style and etiquette has increasingly become crucial for many people. Just like many people keep changing to the latest smartphones, not because the older ones are dysfunctional but for style, so is the need for the smartwatch. Wearing a smartwatch brings out this sense of style in a unique way. Think of swapping the watch to get all notifications without having to draw the phone. In fact, some smartwatches even allow you to make direct calls right at the wrist.

For some people, it is the control they get from smartwatches that make them their darling. With just a few taps on the smartwatch, it is now possible to turn the huge lights on or off and change the Sonos sound system. But some may ask, why the watch and not the remote? The remote is old fashioned, while the watch is easier to use, faster to access, and stylish.

Enhancing the security of the smartphone

If you still think that a smartwatch is still unnecessary, you need to think again when it comes to security. You have just bought an iPhone 7 plus worth US $ 750 and everybody keep turning head to check when you pass. There is no need to take such a huge risk when you can access everything from calls to texts, and other notifications from the wrist. No one will know the type of phone you have and the risk of getting it stolen ebbs out completely.

Longer smartphone battery life

If you are the person who takes very long hours before getting back to the mains for a recharge, it is time to get a smartwatch. When using your smartphone, the largest amount of power goes to lighting the screen. However, you can save this power by using a smartwatch. Because you do not draw the phone from the pocket to take calls, read texts, or get notifications, there is no need to light the screen.

Better entertainment

Listening to music at work, when jogging in the morning, strolling in the woods, or doing window shopping is really fun. However, it can be very boring when a track you never like starts playing. You do not have to draw the smartphone from the pocket because you can simply hit the next track on the smart watch. The watch also allows you to pause, adjust volume, and make fine tunings to make music more enthralling.

Smart navigation

Travelling through a city or new location can be tricky. Whether you are driving or walking downtown, you need a companion that can guide you correctly. The smartwatch receives the signal from the smartphone so that you can see the roads leading to the destination building and the shortest routes. Whether you are making deliveries, looking for a specific research spot, or you are completely lost, a smartwatch is the best option for to get the way out.

Smart tracking

If you have kids and have installed tracking apps on their phones to track their whereabouts, the smartwatch will help you capture all information. For example, the geo-fence you have installed to monitor the kid’s movement from home compound or other safety zones will be visible and warning notification released when the kid strays away. You can achieve all of these from the smartwatch without having to pick and open the smartphone.

Having a smartwatch creates a new way of using your smartphone in style. You can enjoy, increase its lifespan, and expand applications in style.

Here are quick tips that you need to factor when picking a smartwatch

  • Ensure it is compatible with your smartphone: The key reason for having a smartwatch is to compliment your smartphone which is only possible if it can communicate appropriately with other gadgets such as a tablet, smartphone, and computer.
  • Make sure to focus on the smartwatch battery life: You want a watch that can last for a longer time without forcing you to plug back into the mains after every few hours.
  • Select a watch that is compatible with modern apps: Because the functionality of a watch is enhanced or expanded using various apps, you should pick the model that allows apps installation.
  • Identify the model with a water resistant casing: Unlike the smartphone that is mainly kept in the pocket, smartwatches are always on the wrist where they are more exposed to water. You should, therefore, look for the model with a water resistant body.

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